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Restaurant BT is absolutely making its way up on the list of what to do

and especially taste when you’re in Tampa. Both tourists and locals

come to enjoy delicious food and tasty drinks in our great atmosphere.

The global travel agency Flight Network agrees that our restaurant

should be on your list of places to stop by when in the Tampa area.

Flight Network is a leading travel agency who is responsible for sending

thousands of people out on spectacular vacations around the world

every day. So they definitely know the best of the best to recommend to

their customers and travelers alike.

So before sending people out on these great adventures Flight Network

wants to ensure people absolutely get to explore and experience the

best the cities have to offer which is why they frequently releases great

blog posts in which they recommend places to travelers.

Recently they wrote the blog post “Sun and Fun in Tampa for 72 Hours”.

In this post many restaurants, hotels and experiences in Tampa were

included, and so was Restaurant BT. As Flight Network writes in this

post: “This is a perfect spot to enjoy your first meal in Tampa”.

Our slogan at Restaurant BT is “Eat local. Think global”. We have more

than one restaurant, and regardless of where you head to taste our food,

you will not be disappointed! We paid attention to every single detail in

our food and drinks, and our restaurant settings will create a joyful

evening where you can relax and enjoy the Tampa vibe whether you are

a local or here on vacation.

Thank you Flight Network for the write up!

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